PPA Week 9 Announcement

Hi Bruins, 

Hope everyone has had a relaxing Thanksgiving with family, friends, and lots of good food! Can’t believe it is already week 9 but Christmas season is just around the corner 😀 We are almost there!!!

We have two announcements for Week 9 and Week 10 events. 
1) PPA weekly meeting this Thursday 4:00 – 4:50 pm in Ackerman 2408. We will be welcoming Vince Caserio to speak about Alternative Careers in Healthcare (such as DO, Nurse Practitioners, Physical Therapy) more particularly what he does as a Physician Assistant.  

2) Pre-Medical Peers Association[PPA] is presenting a special Q&A event with Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall who is the Chief Medical Officer & Executive Vice President of Pfizer Medical. For anyone who is interested in a career in healthcare, communications, or business, you are welcomed to come Next Wednesday December 6, at 6:30pm in UCLA Young Hall CS76!!! Here attached is the flyer for you if you would like to invite a friend.


WEBSITE: https://uclappa.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/98119560229/


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