PPA Week 3 Meeting

Hi Bruins,

Happy Week 3!

Thank you all for coming to last week meeting with Dr. Kerbel. Hope it was an insightful experience and there are more doctors coming in for the rest of the quarter!! Here is Dr. Kerbel’s email address: rkerbel@mednet.ucla.edu. He gave me this email address last meeting, and said that members can feel free to contact him for any further questions, etc.

For those of you who applied for PPA Mentorship program, the decisions will be out by 2/26/2018. Stay tuned!

Last thing but not least, we have a meeting at 5pm this Thursday in Ackerman 2408. Simon, Kaplan representative, will be giving us an overview of the following exams and application processes: MCAT, PCAT, DAT, OAT, and GRE. This is a great and helpful meeting for any pre-health student who is not 100% sure whether to go to medical school or not. This will give an overview of these other examinations, and give insight on the differences between them all.

See you there!


WEBSITE: https://uclappa.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/98119560229/


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