PPA Week 9 Meeting

Hope that you guys have finished all your midterms and get a bit of rest before the finishing line! 

We are thankful to see you last Thursday’s with Dr. Avital Harari from UCLA’s Endocrine Surgery team. She has provided her email to you if you still have more questions or get contacted with her: AHarari@mednet.ucla.edu

Again, we are privileged to have Maani Archang who is willing to spend his time with us this Thursday at 5pm in Ackerman 2408. He is a 3rd year MD-PhD student at UCLA, and has also been on the admissions committee at UCLA school of medicine for a year. We highly encourage you guys to come for this great opportunity to learn about premed life from a perspective of an admission committee! He is more than qualified to provide reliable answers/advice on anything premed you are wondering about. You are more encouraged to come if you have any specific questions 

He has prepared a presentation that will be very useful in helping freshmen to juniors making the best of their time at UCLA and prepare themselves as superior applicants to medical school. It will also be extremely useful for seniors too if you are planning on taking a gap year and learning what is more important in your med school applications! Come with questions in mind:) 

On a side note, Manni has also given a presentation in Med Friends group at UCLA. If you doesn’t want to hear the same presentation, we still encourage you to come toward the end for Q&A.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through premedpa@gmail.com


WEBSITE: https://uclappa.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/98119560229/


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