Week 1: PPA introduction + general guide on the steps 1st ~ 4th year students at UCLA should take right now to prepare for medical school

Week 2: presentation on selecting which medical schools to apply, and online resources to prepare for the applications/interviews for these schools

Week 3: Learning about the MCAT, from Kaplan representative Simon

Week 4: Learn about the different volunteering and extracurricular opportunities given on campus presented from our own officers and interns!


Week 1: A presentation about a brief overview of different options/specialities within the medical field.

Week 2: Dr. Russell Kerbel (Internal Medicine, speciality: hospitalist)

=>Topic: Dr. Kerbel is an internal medicine hospitalist who works both at the UCLA medical centers in Westwood and Santa Monica. He will be with us and will share insight in regards to what the speciality of being a hospitalist entitles. He will also share with us his medical school journey/ experience, and answer any questions we may have. Come prepared with question, because last time Dr. Kerbel came he was AMAZING !!

Week 3 (January 25th): Simon, Kaplan representative, will be giving us an overview of the following exams and application processes: MCAT, PCAT, DAT, OAT, and GRE. This is a great and helpful meeting for any pre-health student who is not 100% sure whether to go to medical school or not. This will give an overview of these other examinations, and give insight on the differences between them all.

Week 4: More information about the MCAT (types of questions, structure, etc.)

Week 6: Social

Week 7: Dr. Lee: radiation oncologist from UCLA Medical Centers

Week 8: Dr. Avital Harari from UCLA’s Endocrine surgery team

Week 9: 3rd year MD-PhD UCLA student Maani Archang

Week 10 and finals: NO MEETING !



=>Topic: Introductions + Volunteering Part 1: guest talks about the importance of volunteering as a pre-medical student in college (in terms of medical school and for future)

Week 2:

=>Topic: Volunteering Part 2: Information on volunteering opportunities both on campus and outside out of UCLA.

Week 3:

=>Topic: Research Part 1: what does it mean to do research now as a pre-medical student + how does a doctor balance a life which involved seeing patients and always doing research as well.

Week 4:

=>Topic: Shadowing: MiOra Virtual Shadowing Program Presentation- the founder of the program will come speak to our members about his program and how it can benefit our members and any pre-medical students.

=>Guest: Dr. Ozlem Equils (Founder of MiOra Virtual Shadowing Program)

Week 5:

=>Topic: What Does It Take To Be A Doctor?- Part 1

Week 6:

=>Topic: Engaging in Pre-med Students and Healthcare Nonprofits/Advocacy. We will be learning how we, as future clinicians, can benefit from participating in these organizations.

Guest Speaker: Amy Bugwadia

Week 7:

=>Topic: The MCAT !

=>Guest: Kaplan representative Simon will come to give us a presentation on the MCAT


Week 9:

=>Topic: Exploring Alternative Careers In Healthcare (such as DO, PA, NP, etc.)



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