Medical Links

Previous Weeks’ Meeting Presentations:

General Premed Links:

  • Premed Planning: Online association and community for allopathic (M.D.) and osteopathic (D.O.) women in medicine. Resources, forums, and info for women physicians, residents, medical students and premed students. Professional and educational services, and personal support for women with medical careers. This website allows you to check your statistics to see how competitive you are for various Medical Schools.
  • Collaborative site created by the online community to serve as a guide to premedical students


Princeton Review
Berkeley Review

Exam Krackers
Gold Standard

Application Information:

  • AAMC: This is where you will find your application, as well as a comprehensive pool of resources about applying and the field of medicine
  • Medical School Rankings: Data on the top fifty medical schools including their costs, acceptance rate, average GPA, amount of NIH funding and more


  • Student Doctor Network: Find out what happened during actual interviews for various schools from interviewees
  • UCLA Career Center: Provides mock interview once per quarter, however, you have to attend a 15 minutes drop-in session before you can sign up for a mock interview

Post Interviews:

Waitlisted?: Here are some recommendations for those who are on a waitlist

Medical News & Ethics:

  • MDLinx is a great website for current health care news


  • — another site for finding cheap airplane tickets

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